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Despite falling revenues, Macquarie Telecom still has its sights on the business end of the National Broadband Network’s market. The company has implemented strict cost control policies, as well as automation technology to deliver a record net profit after tax, but revenue of the telco still dropped to $160.3 million, a 7.7% slump amidst increased competition. 

Macquarie telecom is instead looking at the NBN market to help control its falling revenues.

Chris Grieg, group executive of Macquarie Telecom’s telco business, told Computerworld Australia:

People don’t buy the NBN for the pleasure of buying the NBN and we sense there’s a perfect storm going on between the rollout of the NBN and the increased digital economy and the need for hosting-type services and a growing mobility message. It’s really in the transaction of those three elements that Macquarie is going to be playing.

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