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The Israel-based, comprehensive digital content management and global distribution services to the television and radio broadcasting industry provider, RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd., will be launching a new solution that enables major international broadcasters  to reach cable headends and direct-to-home (DTH) television broadcasting in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

To include a full range of services from content capture, production and management through distribution and extensive play-out services from the RRsat Emek HaEla teleport in Israel, RRsat’s new end-to-end solution for Russia and CIS also combines RRsat’s Ku-Band MCPC platform on the new Yamal-300K satellite, which covers western, central and eastern regions of Russia and the CIS, reaching 98% of the population, and utilizes frequencies that are ideal for DTH television broadcasting and for TV contribution to cable headends.

RRsat Chief Commercial Officer, Lior Rival, said, “RRsat’s new solution for Russia and the CIS demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients cost-effectively expand their broadcasts to reach viewers throughout the world. We are thrilled to offer a new solution that, combined with the optimal coverage provided by the Yamal -300K satellite, enables our customers to reach almost every household in Russia and the CIS, a population exceeding 275 million people.


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The British government experts ruled BlackBerry’s just released flagship smartphones, Z10 and Q10 to be ‘not secured enough.’

Despite BlackBerry’s reputation of producing phones that are highly secured and reliable, even preferred devices for government workers, the United Kingdom’s Computer Experts Security Group (CESG) has refused to endorse its latest smartphone innovation.

And though the company has partnered with Secusmart to create a security feature in BlackBerry 10 called Balance, BlackBerry failed to pass the U.S. standards as well, that’s why government has already switched to using Apple and Android phones.

The Canadian company has been sorting this issue with CESG but  not giving a specified date to when such vulnerability might be fixed. However, Z10’s sales in the U.K. has been slowing down since January.

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Orion Express recently expressed its intent to set up a Hotbird-style satellite hotspot at the 85 degrees east orbital slot.

The Company is a pay-TV operator based in Russia. It is also the anchor tenant at the aforementioned orbital slot, which currently contains the Intelsat-15 and Horizon 2 satellites.

Orion plans to use the spare capacity of the Intelsat and Horizon satellites to form the core of a broader media platform at the 85 degrees east orbital slot. The resulting hot spot will be able to complement two existing slots: The 80 degrees east slot, which is occupied by the new Express satellites, and the 90 degrees east position, which hosts the Yamal satellites operated by Gazprom.

According to Orion, it is ready to help third-party broadcasters expand regional coverage through the provision of uplink services and other means of technical support.

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The American multinational automaker, Ford, goes against the idea of embedding LTE modems into its cars. It was just days after General Motors, a competitor automaker, signed an agreement with AT&T Mobility to install such modems in the cars the company produces. Ford firmly restated that users should connect their cars to the network through their existing smartphones.

Ford’s Global Director of Connected Services Solutions, Doug VanDagens said, “The last thing we want to do is take this [smartphone] thing that updates every 12-18 months and bolt it into a car with a lifecycle of at least 10 years.”

On the other hand, AT&T’s President of Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships, Glenn Lurie believes this move will be successful. He also emphasized that requiring the users to pay for the data charges incurred  by the software updates automakers push to their vehicles. ”That’s the one thing that worries me,” Lurie states.

Noting that General Motors’ agreement with AT&T will allow the carrier to provide both wholesale and retail wireless services in vehicles, he explained that  the wholesale model will allow General Motors to sell services like infotainment to motorists, while the retail model will allow AT&T to sell connections to those same users.

If this new deal General Motors and AT&T entered will come to prosper, we will not be sure unless the actual figures are out.

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In a telecom market analysis firm, TeleGeography’s new research, they studied the worldwide usage of Skype and found out that calls through Skype is now equivalent to over one-third of all international phone traffic.

The study showed that “international telephone traffic grew 5 percent in 2012, to 490 billion minutes and Cross-border Skype-to-Skype voice and video traffic grew 44 percent in 2012, to 167 billion minutes. This increase of nearly 51 billion minutes is more than twice that achieved by all international carriers in the world, combined.”

Certainly, telecommunications companies feel the loss as the number of consumers using Skype grows bigger and bigger.

“International providers have to rely on steady growth rates to maintain revenues. What we’ve seen is a slowdown in growth rates and some is due to economic trends,” said TeleGeography’s Analyst through Ars, Stephan Beckert.

“I think what’s interesting is that 2012 versus previous years is that Skype is no longer a small business—they’re no longer a startup. We would expect that the growth rate would be tailing off over time. The very high sustained growth rate is pretty remarkable,” Beckert added.


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